Renewing a work visa and RUT is simple!

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Renewing a work visa and RUT is simple!

Postby charlescellist » Thu Sep 06, 2012 3:36 pm

To renew a one year work visa and get your new RUT card all you have to do is follow the simple steps below:

Contact your university 5-6 months before your contract expires to make sure they organise a new one before your visa expires
Get your new contract from the university office as soon as it's ready (this will be slightly after your visa expires)
Make many photocopies of everything, and then photocopy those photocopies as well
Go to the immigration office and start the renewal process
Go to the police for a happy interview and make sure they confiscate your expired RUT
Go back to the immigration office and get told to get more documents from the RUT office
Go to the RUT office and get told you need to show your expired RUT to procure said documents
Go back to the police and beg for them to return your ID
Go back to the RUT office for the documents you needed
Return to the police to give back your ID, make sure they confiscate your passport also. Have another interview.
Now you can go to the immigration office where you'll be told to return in 30 days
Go back to the Police station to sign in since you're now technically illegal and they'll want to keep an eye on you.
The police will tell you to sign in every week until they communicate with the immigration office (30 meters away) that your application is in-fact pending. They will tell you that this should take no more than one to two weeks.
Go to the police to sign in. Wait a week.
Go to the police to sign in. Wait a week.
Go to the police to sign in. Wait a week.
Go to the police to sign in. Wait a week.
Go to the police to sign in. Wait a week.
You will get a call saying your visa is approved and ready.
Go to the police to get your passport. Don't actually get your passport.
Now go to the other police station to sign the document to tell the first police station to release your passport. Have a friendly interview while you're there.
Return to the original police station, actually receive your passport.
Go to the immigration office. They will tell you that your visa is ready, but it is in the wrong city. Return one week later.
Go back a week later. They will not accept your money. Get a document to take to the bank.
Go to the bank and pay said money.
Return to the immigration office 2 days later to collect your passport with visa.
Go to the RUT office to get a new ID card. Don't actually get an ID card. You will need more documents from the police.
Go to the police office to register, since they miss your frequent visits and want to catch up over a cup of coffee.
Photocopy the registration documents, then photocopy the photocopies. Also photocopy your passport.
Go to the RUT office for your new RUT card. Don't actually get the card, instead get a small piece of paper that they assure you will be accepted everywhere in lieu of your real ID card.
Go to the bank where they will not accept the piece of paper as proper identification.
Wait 20 days, return to RUT office to collect your ID.

What could be easier!
(disclaimer: Although I have followed exactly these procedures I have still not actually received my ID card yet. I am currently on the last 'wait 20 days' step. But i've been assured it will be ready very soon...)

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Re: Renewing a work visa and RUT is simple!

Postby Kimberley » Thu Sep 06, 2012 4:13 pm

Ha! :)

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Re: Renewing a work visa and RUT is simple!

Postby Donnybrook » Thu Sep 06, 2012 5:56 pm

Still sounds better than this:

1. Contact an Immigration lawyer.
2. Your lawyer sends a Questionnaire for completion to both you, the Employee, and to your Employer
3. Gather all necessary documents including education records (degree and transcript), experience letters from former employers, resume, passport, all previous visas and approval notices, copy of I-94 card, birth certificate of all family members, marriage certificate, spouse’s and children’s passports and visa history.
4. Employer prepares recruitment history showing efforts by employer to employ U.S. workers.
5. Employee and Employer send completed Questionnaires and documents to lawyer.
6. Your lawyer submits the petition to the federal Department of Labor (DOL) through the online PERM program. DOL adjudicates the Labor Certification.
7. Once Labor Certification is approved, your lawyer submits an I-140 petition for approval.
8. Upon approval of the I-140, you must have a medical examination, have pictures taken, compile federal tax returns, and complete a new questionnaire from your lawyer.
9. Your lawyer then submits an I-485 Adjustment of Status petition.
10. The Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services then contacts you for an interview or in some cases, approves petition without an interview. Once approved you are an immigrant (permanent resident) and can become eligible for U.S. citizenship through naturalization.

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